Simple English Leave Application for School Teacher to Principal in Hindi 2024

Do you need some examples of leave applications for school teachers to submit to the principal? OR are you searching for Teacher Leave Application to Principal Samples?

A teacher may submit a written leave request to his school’s administrator for a variety of reasons. The following list of reasons for taking a leave of absence includes having a fever, dealing with domestic issues at home, getting a medical checkup, and going out to conduct some urgent task.

You can use the example provided below if you need to write a leave of absence request letter to the principal or headmaster of your school.

For this reason, we have created various forms of leave applications for instructors,

Leave Application for School Teacher to Principal in English

The Principal
Sri Vijay Public School

05th July 2023

Sub- Application for single-day leave.


With all due respect, let me introduce myself as Manju rani, an English teacher at your school. I will not be able to get to school since I have to leave the station at one in the morning for an important matter.

Therefore, kindly give me a day off on July 5th 2023. I shall be hoping that you will approve my request and let me take leave.

Thanking you

Yours truly
Manju Rani
Biology lecturer

Leave Letter For School Teacher

The Principal
Sri Vinayaga Public School

07th July 2023

Sub- Application for 3-day leave.


I humbly submit that I am a Science teacher in your respected college, teaching in the senior division. I had to go because my sister’s wedding is the following week. I was unable to go to school as a result for a few days.

Please give me leave from July 10 to 13th 2023.

Thanking you

Your’s truly
Physics lecturer

Casual Leave Application for Teacher

The Principal
King Academy

23st Sep 2023

Sub- Application for one day leave


At your reputable school, I teach science under the name Sri Kumar. I need to make some essential revisions to my paperwork, therefore I won’t be able to go to school tomorrow. Hope you’ll give my plea some thought.

Please give me a day off on 15 September 2023.

Thanking you

Yours truly
Sri Kumar


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